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when i'm poor, i gotta smoke some reggies.
by chloe January 16, 2003
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I wanted the chronic but Reggie was the only one hanging out.
by jojo November 14, 2002
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I thought that shit was fire when I was young but it’s actually just reggie
by Tristis_lucifer March 18, 2018
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A gentlemans (or lack there of) shooter

1 part Jim Beam (Bourbon)

1 part Jameson (Irish Whisky)

1 part Jack Daniels’ (Tennessee Whisky)

1 part Jose Cuervo (at this point who cares if gold or silver)

1 part Tabasco

Named after the heir to the B&B Railroad
Jonathan Reginald Goodson IV
I woke up with a Swampdonkey from Brothers this morning, it must have been the Reggie’s.

Corm took that Reggie shot out of spite and did not change facial expressions throughout.
by Baboon11 January 15, 2018
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A real nigga wit a big dick that might fuck your mom
Reggie fucked my mom
by Milky Way 99 June 19, 2019
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When a bro makes plans to hang out with you, doesnt show up and doesnt call to let you know he isnt showing up.

see also: Speered
Guy 1 i was supposed to meet up with Broseph for beers last night. waited around for an hour but he never showed up.

Guy 2 Damn you got reggied!

see also Speered
by Daniel_Dalton January 5, 2011
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A phrase which grants you immunity from "groupie" status whenever you excessively compliment someone. The term was coined after Reginald Wayne Miller aka Reggie Miller because of his excessive compliments and adoration of LeBron James.
person A:Damn I wanna be like Lebron when I grow up, person B: No Reggie Nigga, plus aint you like 35?

A person that delivers excessive suckage to another party (figuratively speaking).
by Lee, Thadeus S., Tiff March 2, 2010
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