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A drink for the stars;
1/2 Hendricks Gin
1/2part Squirt soda

1 lime

Also known as: Moonbeam, Moonraker

If Squirt is not used, it is known as a Buzz Aldrin
The Neil Armstrong’s are out of this world
by Baboon11 September 1, 2021
A gentlemans (or lack there of) shooter

1 part Jim Beam (Bourbon)

1 part Jameson (Irish Whisky)

1 part Jack Daniels’ (Tennessee Whisky)

1 part Jose Cuervo (at this point who cares if gold or silver)

1 part Tabasco

Named after the heir to the B&B Railroad
Jonathan Reginald Goodson IV
I woke up with a Swampdonkey from Brothers this morning, it must have been the Reggie’s.

Corm took that Reggie shot out of spite and did not change facial expressions throughout.
by Baboon11 January 15, 2018