I wanted the chronic but Reggie was the only one hanging out.
by jojo November 14, 2002
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All the women loved Derek because of the size of his reggie.
by KillerMongaloid November 4, 2009
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A sexy,fine,tall,dark chocolate dude who has a long dick.
by reggie_bandoo May 23, 2016
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An Australian. Derived from reject.
I'll tell you, this bloody pub is being taken over by reggies. Seems like every reggie around snaps up a working-holiday visa and tramps over here to pour us beers.
by jamie321 June 27, 2007
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left earbud used to mildly cut awkward cacophony when well- hung tenant is fucking the life out of an unexpected house guest whom he failed to request landlordian permission to issue an overnight invitation
There is not enough grass and kale juice in the world to lift my spirits if I cannot find my reggie to help me through this long, loud night.
by Badass Resume November 20, 2013
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A person who isn't a 'sidekicker' aka owner of a kick. They don't know how to talk to people on a txting level. While sidekickers put effort and time into our convos they will respond in such ways: 'O', 'yea' 'ha' 'lol' 'ok'. To retaliate we may such words back to get their lazy asses to say more than two damn words. How to solve prob? : Hook reggies up wit a kick.
sidekicker:Heyyyy? wassup? How are you?
sidekicker: Wat u doin?
reggie:nuthin. bored.
sidekicker: Really? I just won a million dollars, saved a cat, and got shot in the leg!
by Ma nicca December 30, 2008
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The non african american way to acknowledge a black person. Derives from the word Reginald.
Damn man, those crazy reggies play some funky music.
by Tibbu Tib March 30, 2006
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