May 8 Word of the Day
1. Slight sins or offenses
2. Petty crimes or small infractions
3. Las Vegas Punk Rock!
Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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An Amazing, Sweet, Kind, Caring, Beautiful, Funny, and Lovely person who will be loyal and help you in your times of need. She loves memes, She loves her friends, She is very affectionate, and makes people very happy.
Graci, is so beautiful, how am I so lucky to have her.
by Daddyman45 September 24, 2018
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A girl who plays nice but uses it against you in the long run. She's the best. Her friends blindly follow her; they don't know how fucking evil she is.
"Dude Graci just pulled a fucking Graci on me again and I didn't even do anything"
by user73638 June 11, 2019
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Graci is a super outgoing girl. She’s super shy at first but once you get to know her she’s crazy!!!! Once she finds the right guy she becomes really loyal and will do anything for him. She’s loves being outside and finding new things.
Graci is so fun!
by Broskeeballer December 31, 2018
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