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A collection of awesome ladies from the land Down Under. Known for their beauty, style and sheer awesomeness. Can often be found educating the common masses, including a certain Team Handsome member on how to do things properly... especially anything cocktail or goon bag related.

Look out for some awesome public appearances in your area soon.
Where did all these lovely ladies come from? Team Awesome of course!
Who drank TH under the table? Only Team Awesome could have done that!
by C Dan December 06, 2010
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The original since 2005 from The University of Akron, in Akron Ohio.

A collective group of the most badass, the most nerdy, the most stereotypical, the most atypical, the greatest group of dudes dedicated to the perseverance of awesome and win and the American Way this country will ever know.
I heard some of Team Awesome is showing up. Hide the booze. And the cards. And the ladder.

Team Awesome, those guys are legends. They went to Florida for a weekend and came back eleven days later with $500 more than they left with.

- You can't expect to take "Team Awesome" and actually make money with it.
- Actually, professor, that's our exact idea.

by theandysho September 12, 2010
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Team Awesome are a DJ collective from London most noted for their affiliation with cult TV show, The Mighty Boosh, DJing with The Mighty Boosh Band and appearing in the third series.

Headed up by Lis Bailey, music manager and promoter, Team Awesome combine electro with back in the day classics and have a widely spreading fan base.

Team Awesome has now become synonymous with anything electro within that social circuit.
by Dee-D July 13, 2008
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A sarcastic way to describe A group of tools that have a common goal but the goal is never met. Each member of the group posses the inverse midas touch, turning every thing they touch into shit, but each believe that they are all super geniuses.
yo chris whats team awesome up to today

dude they totally fucking up another project

no suprise there....
by Dr Shilng Shlong Rock August 17, 2010
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A like minded group of people continusly battling against the forces of evil. Team Awesome may not be made up of over achievers, or particulary pretty to look at, however they are admired the world around for their unwavering Awesomness.
Jolly gosh I wish I was in Team Awesome. And that's Awesome with a capital A!
by Skwiwi January 23, 2009
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Team Awesome is the commonly-held nickname for social services workers in the Haringey area of London involved with the death of the so-called Baby P.
Team Awesome, despite their outlandish attire, are responsible for the death of a young child.
by Daniel Benoit November 24, 2008
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