The boy in the Shining keeps saying "Radrum" while walking through the empty hotel.
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
Word used in the novel "The Shining" by Stephen King and in the movie based on it and directed by Stanley Kubrick. "Murder" spelt backwards. Also works on many other levels, being suggestive of bloodshed, wrath, inebriation, violence, a force that consumes people's lives like some satisfying drink, and something used to subdue the Native American tribes that form a subtext of the film.
... redrum ... redrum ... redrum ... redrum ... redrum ... redrum ... redrum ... redrum ... redrum ...
by Fearman August 6, 2007
redrum is a catchphrase for people that secretly just wants to kill everyone. Redrum means murder backwards.
haha she says redrum all the time, wait she killed someone yesterday?
by phantom negromante May 23, 2019
1. phrase popularized by The Shining implying "murder"

2. murder for the dyslexic
1. "redrum... Redrum... REDRUM!"

2. "REDRUM!" (stabs English teacher with the hilt of a knife)
by Roland Deschain November 29, 2007
Hey bartender... give me a redrum, light on the blood please.
by Beth February 12, 2005
That frikken crazy kid from The Shining says this
*Twitches Finger*
Crazy Kid: Redrum!
by Mike Palma April 16, 2003
1. alchohol
2. the famous kid on socomcodes, some people hate him, some people love him. his username is r3drum_inc
3. from a movie
1.lets drink some alchohol, and i want a redrum.
2. YAY!! its redrum's b-day, lets party
by your mom March 24, 2005