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1) Direct decendants from the line of Eld. The last bloodline to survive from the long ago Gunslingers(the keepers of peace, the protectors, earth guardians). Some say St. Michael himself requested these souls to help lead God's army, but God blessed mortal man by turning them into human form (if one could call any Moser a mere "human"). As of today, there are four Moser males from the REAL bloodline alive. May they save us all.

2) Extremely talented. Having the strength of a thousand men. Ninja-like reflexes. Superior intelligence. Warriors of the light. All knowing. Righteous.

3) To make extremely complex tasks appear effortless.
"If only Moser was here...all those people wouldn't of died."
"Damn...his draw was like lighting...it's almost like he has a hand of a Moser!"
"Wow. He sure Moser'd that entire S.W.A.T. team."
"Last nights winner on Jeporady sure Moser'd his oppenents."
"If only Bush had some Moser in him...we would have won the war by now."
"If I was Moser enough, I'd fight you right now."
by Roland Deschain February 26, 2007
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1. phrase popularized by The Shining implying "murder"

2. murder for the dyslexic
1. "redrum... Redrum... REDRUM!"

2. "REDRUM!" (stabs English teacher with the hilt of a knife)
by Roland Deschain November 29, 2007
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less than full,small,tiny,miniscule,little

derogatory term implying substandard,generally used by people from eastern europe,that always babble about how superior they are yet seem to migrate to the usa at a cyclic rate.
All the american cars have half size engines in them,they are total useless,in Hungary the cars have big huge fantastic engines,that deliver full power!!!!
by Roland Deschain December 25, 2007
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