A drink formed with redbull and rum which will result in a somewhat piss-tasting sensation. Note: when drinking this beverage know that the energy received from the red bull will eventually crash causing your magnitude of drunk-ness to multiply. This will most likely result in hooking up with woman you just met/ will not remember the next morning
1.After rater bought 16 red bulls for 39.95, we proceeded to drink red rum before the party resulting in the strangest experience ever

2. "Dude lets make Redrum"

"Nah son im not trying to die"
by Bro'connor May 3, 2010
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Redrum is a kind of animal that doesn't ejaculate very often because of its extraordinary bad smell. It is often seen in the jungle and at WDK (World Domination Kronhjort).
Dude, did you see that Redrum?
by redrum4ever July 28, 2008
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When the a man is having sex with a girl and gets bloodied by her period that he was not aware/informed she was on. This can happen as an intentional event as she really wanted sex and knew you wouldn't if you had shagged w/ the lights on. Or she's just dumb and didn't know she was leaking.
So i met this girl at the bar last night and we were back at my place and i thought something was up when she didn't let me finger her but was still all about knocking boots, i noticed the bloody condom in my trash the next morning and realized I'd been redrumed!
by DonJuanFangio December 17, 2008
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the act of slashing one's own hand (i.e., with a hunting knife. broken beer bottle, or any other appropriate device), then using that hand to jerk off (if you're a guy). Particularly good for cutters, this way you're killing two birds with one stone. For girls, see redrum stabby.
Bob really knows how to relax at the end of a long day with a good redrum slappy.
by suspicious package February 5, 2007
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(for women), the act of slashing one's own hand and/or fingers with a broken mirror, old razor blade, box cutter or similar device, then using that hand to masturbate. The bloody fingers or cutting implement are used to "stab" into any erogenous zone. Similar to redrum slappy.
Angelina covered up last night's redrum stabby with the old "that time of the month" excuse.
by suspicious package February 5, 2007
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A person who talks with a lot of vocal fry because they're trying to make their voice sound lower than it is. Common among millennials. Term is a reference to the child in the shining saying redrum using vocal fry before he starts yelling it.
My ears hurt after listening to a bunch of redrums on that zoom call.
by orgrand March 11, 2021
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