A type of juice that is only good if it is 100% cranberry juice. It is not good if it is cranberry juice (with grape, pear and apple juice). It is also not good if it it cranberry juice (from concentrate).
Hey dude, do you want some cranberry juice?

No, not unless its 100% cranberry juice
by Cuz it matters October 16, 2012
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-juice made out of cranberries and is available at grocery stores and bars.
-(customer) "cranberry juice"
-(bartender)...nods and gives customer his drink
-(other customer)"cranberry juice, my girlfriend drinks it when shes having her period.......are you having your period?"
-(customer)........(waits about 3 seconds)
by The Myyyuuuhh Guy May 12, 2009
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What you drink when you are on your period...
-What were you having?
-Cranberry Juice
-What, you on your period?

The Departed
by wabbajack July 16, 2009
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A juice made from cranberries that goes very well with vodka.
Drunk Girl: I'll have another Cran-vodka!

Stupid Bartender: whats that?

Drunk Girl: Cranberry Juice with Vodka, dumbass!

by Truly Outrageous Jem April 22, 2009
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Alcohol that has been taken from a party by an individual for drinking later on. It is stored in some sort of innocent looking container for safe transport and storage, such as a juice bottle (hence cranberry juice). Usually liquor, it could also be a can or bottle of beer which isn't stored in a different container. The act of taking cranberry juice is often performed by younger drinkers that do not have an alcohol hookup.
Amanda: "Hey do you have any booze?"

Dave: "Ehh not much. Just a little cranberry juice from last weekend."
by hambone209 October 2, 2010
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Blood. Called cranberry juice because it's the the red liquid you get at a cocktail party if it goes on too long.
When I visited your mom, I got so into our cocktail party that I lost track of time and stayed until she started giving me cranberry juice.
by Private Long September 23, 2006
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