Slang form of the word ridiculous. Used to describes things one doesn't like, or thinks unfair.
"That test was so redonk, she didn't teach us half of that."
by Jackie January 18, 2005
The amount of homework that prof assigns is bordering on redonk.
by C_Dizz February 28, 2007
n. Physics. the standard unit of redonkulous, or the risible behavior characterized by the jejunity of a man/or woman, equal to one's inability to perceive, or appreciate, their own redonkulous behavior.
the unhealthily high level of her redonk has prevented her from realizing that she has struck her head three times consecutively while attempting to sit in the driver's seat
by migueldecervantes April 13, 2007
That outfit is redonk.
by KM March 22, 2004
a shorten veriso of ridiculous
a shorten version of redonkulous
a word that you say when don't have time to say redonkulous.
person 1: i'm to busy to say redonkulous, so ive shorten it down to redonk.
person 2: you are redonk.
by starfire38 January 26, 2012
ridiculous to the max, ridiculous squared or cubed, usually involving alcohol
last night at the bar when you taking shots off that peg-legged midgit, you were redonk.
by Jess Fitz December 20, 2005
I got a ticket for jay-walkin'. It was totally redonks!
by Skek August 5, 2005