ummmmmmmmmm .... holy s**t ..... RUN!!!
by mal April 11, 2005
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Since there was no definition am doing this myself for a special person. Hope o know her well enough to write this.

Redempter is a girl who does what makes her happy and stresses her less. If she's bored she doesn't wait for someone to come to her rescue she finds a way to be happy. When she smiles she's the envy of other girls because she was created with more beauty than most. She is innocent but has another side of her which she doesn't always show. All the guys keep chasing after her with out her calling them. She a walking magnet.She combine both cuteness and hotness.
That girl is so hot and cute at the same time. She must be a Redempter.
by Latimox May 08, 2019
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Along With The others.. but is allso a tight controlled brotherhood of surenos living in england founded in Salisbury with leads all the way up to Teeside.
Redemption will sort your problem out.
by Rodriguez hermandez March 05, 2009
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Kick ass song by the thrash metal band Shadows Fall. Was nominated for a grammy for Best Metal Performance.
by Silent Fuckin' Bob August 22, 2008
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When girls named Rachel bail on you and your friends to go camping with bae instead of eating mikes chicken
Rachel will get redemption for next weeks chicken party
by The Chicken Commish September 20, 2020
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Something that is not worth getting back or recoverd.


The word is used the opposite way it really means , Recovery of something.
It Wasn't even worth it getting that freakin Redemption back.

Instead of putting car or bucket,junk etc.

or another example,What's wrong with you 1960 redemption Tv.
by WestPhysco. April 29, 2009
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