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Pronunciation key( Com-pen-sayt)
1. To make up for something that you don't have.
2. see compensation
1.Dude, He's just blowing smoke 'cause he's compensating for not having a good computer.

2.|\/|4|\|!!!! 1'|\/| go1|\|g 7o |<111 7|-|a7 guy on <5!!!(Man!!!!, I'm going to kill that guy on CS)
me: Dude, you're 1337 sucks. stop trying to compensate 'cause you don't have his skills
by Me-hung-low August 14, 2006
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He is compensating for the fact that he has slept with 1000snds of women and still can't have sex
Sorry I asked for sex again. No need to compensate for your lack of skill
by Powercouple September 21, 2019
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