13 definitions by mal

to be mean or {evil}
spanish- mal means bad, as well in 5 other
by mal November 11, 2003
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A charismatic and loveable yet somewhat eccentric space traveller who explores space in his Hurricane Mk II. Wields a magic umbrella and has a strange affinity for sushi and sake.
by mal February 07, 2004
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An endangered and rare hippo that lives in Hong Kong known to feast on hypocrisy and man-paste. Of very little value.
Well you've changed your tune quickly you little Kep.
by mal December 12, 2021
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I don't think so; Hell no
"Yo, you want to date my one tooth cousin."
by mal July 02, 2003
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A sweet and fun person to be around she isn't shy and likes to take chances when she can, she's a little ninja one minute she will be there the next minute she will be up in a tree, look out for her speed especially when hunting, she is good with a knife,gun,or bow so don't underestimate her.
man 1 : man did you see alyson rudkin get that deer today

man 2 : yeah... she is quick with a knife.
by mal July 27, 2017
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What you use to wrap Roy Orbison up in.
My terrapin Jetta watched me slowly wrap Roy Orbison in clingfilm.
by mal June 21, 2004
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