When ya think ya know but ya don’t, that’s the thing.
“I reckon that maths is shit.”
“I reckon that it’s not.”
by Justagronk March 29, 2019
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To express indignant disbelief at another's fanciful proclamation.

Typically accompanied by the stroking of a non-existent goatie beard.

For some reason "reckon" is pronounced "reh-kon" rather the usual "reh-kun".
"I managed to cop off with 5 birds on Saturday night."

"5? Chinny reckon."
by blues x man July 13, 2005
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This means 'yeah right' or 'I don't beleive you'. It is pronounced 'chinny re-kon' and has more impact if you say it whilst stroking your chin. We used to say it at primary school, but it might just be a Northern thing!
"You get £100 pocket money a week?"

"Chinny Reckon!"
by OCPD April 26, 2006
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A person or thing that has up and coming power and must be considered or brought to attention.
I am a force to be reckoned with!
by yfhureretyinsopthaeweeyeah!!!! November 14, 2013
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Fig. someone or something that is important and powerful and must not be ignored
Mr. L. Grimes is a force to be reckoned with. Take into consideration that he is a very powerful force.
by The sun DAWNS in the east. March 17, 2010
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Up until around the age of 12 this is a common phrase in every child's vocabulary. Used to question the validity of somebody's statement. In cambridgeshire there were two variations of chinny reckon or "Chinny Rah-Kon". Firstly one would put their tongue imbetween their bottom teeth and lip, making it swell, and make a low noise before saying "Chinny Reckon" or "Itchy Chin". The phrase "Chin Spin" was also used in the same context.
"I've scored twenty five goals on the playground this week"

"Yeah, Chinny Reckon"
by GJK22 June 13, 2007
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Mental arithmetic!

For lightning speed, highly addictive Cerebral Reckoning time blasts, check out:

Using your cerebrum, work out 43298743 * 23467876 in three seconds!
by T April 13, 2004
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