A mysterious minion of Count Bleck in the game Super Paper Mario. His true identity is unknown. Some people think he is Luigi, but come on, that's preposterous.
Have at you! - Mr. L
by DKsDownBInTheAir July 26, 2009
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Guy 1: she is so Mr. L!

guy 2: yep. That's the classiest bitch I've seen In like three weeks.
by brandyn Costanzo October 25, 2013
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a white person who is racist and very based one time he said "fuck the blacks on social media and they're enablers on wikipedia fuck the media in general because they fuel this fire the result they're gonna get is not what they desire" he also said "using nothing but these sicko boomer rhythms we'll leave the country pure and white that will show the rest of the world our might"
Mr L you're suck a prick talking all that racist shit
by trolgod April 18, 2022
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