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One of the top (and most expensive) schools in the country, where gay men are bountiful and straight girls enter a celibate and depressing period of their lives.
Sarah: You're so pretty! You must have had so many guys after you in college!
Emily: I went to NYU, the only attention I got from guys was when I wore my Prada bag.
by Coonie Central September 16, 2010
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A school for those who appreciate New York City, but don't want to live on the corner of 116th Street and The Middle of Fucking Nowhere.
Hey, want to walk from Columbia to the Village? How about SoHo? Man, I wish we went to NYU.
by ComicBookGuy October 19, 2006
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school housing tons of scholars, brilliant kids from the nations top public and private high schools and elite prep schookls (exeter, andover, hotchkiss, et al). Lots of students belong to the most elite families in the country and the world, and simply attending will improve your social standing dramatically, due to the thousands of people you will meet. although not as prestigious as Columbia, parties MUCH harder, and has many more attractive people. As a Stern students get offers in investment banking, consulting, marketing, real estate, really just everything from prestigious companies (goldman sachs, UBS, Credit Suisse, Blackstone, Boston Consulting, etc.). Yes, there are weird schools associated with NYU (gallatin and Tisch), but these kids are creative, independent, ridiculously talented, and are likely to be seen on the big screen. The students are fierce- in terms of fashion AND partying. Girls routinely go to the hottest clubs in the meatpacking district and party with models, celebrities, and millionaire moguls. Guys and girls are always dressed in the most cutting edge fashion, which is why we are commonly referred to as the most fashionable school in the nation. Other schools can keep there keggers, we have swanky rooftop penthouse parties with hard liquor, and party non stop in a trillion different bars and clubs. Students here all have fake ID's, and partying in the hamptons over weekends at one of your friends beachside mansions is the norm.
NYU-The only school where you can be in class and find imdb pages for at least 3 of the people in it, work on problem sets with super models who are in your math class, find that cute girl from econ's name plastered all over the huffington post cause she is marrying into royalty, and discover that your suitemate's dad is ranked as one of Forbes richest men in the world.
by crimin4l June 19, 2010
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The #1 Dream School in the nation. NYU is a prestigious institution that receives more applications (usually upwards of 33,000) than any other private university in the country. Home to the best dorms in the nation, it's also notorious for its $45,000 pricetag, though a good portion of the student body is composed of celebrity children and millionaires.
You know you go to NYU when you're complaining about living in the #1 dorm in the country.
by West4thSt. April 27, 2005
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A school providing its students with some of the most amazing opportunities in one of the world's greatests citys. Critics would be quick to examine themselves first before decrying the university for its shortcomings.
Hey look at me, I went to NYU and employment wasn't handed to me on a silver platter after I graduated, it must be the school's fault.

Hey look, I worked hard for four years in the media capital of the world, now I'm on an awesome career track. Yay for me.
by ben October 25, 2004
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