One of the top (and most expensive) schools in the country, where gay men are bountiful and straight girls enter a celibate and depressing period of their lives.
Sarah: You're so pretty! You must have had so many guys after you in college!
Emily: I went to NYU, the only attention I got from guys was when I wore my Prada bag.
by Coonie Central September 17, 2010
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A party that lasts 4 years and includes a $70,000 cover charge.
by Ms. Castro June 30, 2017
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The #1 Dream School in the nation. NYU is a prestigious institution that receives more applications (usually upwards of 33,000) than any other private university in the country. Home to the best dorms in the nation, it's also notorious for its $45,000 pricetag, though a good portion of the student body is composed of celebrity children and millionaires.
You know you go to NYU when you're complaining about living in the #1 dorm in the country.
by West4thSt. April 27, 2005
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VERB: To commit suicide by jumping out the window.
After being rejected by Financial Aid, Janie pulled an NYU.
by Tiffany B. November 12, 2004
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A school providing its students with some of the most amazing opportunities in one of the world's greatests citys. Critics would be quick to examine themselves first before decrying the university for its shortcomings.
Hey look at me, I went to NYU and employment wasn't handed to me on a silver platter after I graduated, it must be the school's fault.

Hey look, I worked hard for four years in the media capital of the world, now I'm on an awesome career track. Yay for me.
by ben October 26, 2004
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New York University- A massively overrated school that everyone wants to go to. Most of these kids come from suburbs and don't know any other universities in NYC.

Rather than doing some research on other great schools in the area (i.e. Fordham University, Columbia University) they all want to go to NYU because they "love New York".

Also, they probably know nothing about NYC, and believe that Manhattan is NYC, completely forgetting that there are 4 OTHER BOROUGHS.
Dumbass: "omgz I'm gunna apply to NYU. I luv new yorx!!1!1"

well-read intellectual at Columbia: "oh how do you like the village?"

dumbass: "omgz i luv new yorx bcuz it's awsumz...wutz the village?" *Takes C train to Brooklyn*
by Erg45 August 29, 2009
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