1.Person being penetrated in a sexual manner from behind. Usually refered to, but not limited to, a homosexual receiving anal sex. See donkey punch
Tom, Dick, and Harry had no personal preference has to who was being the receiver first. For they all took turns anyway.
by Jamazz January 29, 2004
"I think he just received Ben!"
"ouch that must have hurt!"
by dee oh double gee April 11, 2008
ProperVictorian English” term for Vagina.
When procuring a gift for your good lady friend or wife, please refrain from giving your beloved anything that may indicate that her receiver is large, hairy or may be smelly.
by spechtacular the greatest December 29, 2011
adj., when someone has met the standards of sexual intercourse.
Ed: "You gonna smash on old girl?"
Koby: "She can receive it."
by John Paul C November 8, 2007
Slang for "friend" used among the youth of Southern Ontario.

Sometimes spelt phonetically as "Reseev" to better show how it is pronounced, as it is pronounced slightly differently than "receive."
"Hey there, reseevs."


"You've got to elaborate on that, my receive."
by trueparf November 24, 2020
This is a term implying that it is necessary to accept what goes on around you, or what's done to you. Say you get completely owned at something, JUST RECEIVE IT! You can also say this to other people when you own them; tell them to just receive your seed! Absolutely everything is receiveable, and u'll see that when you start to just receive things as they are, u'll be much more easy going. And don't just receive, you must Give as well!
After owning someone at anything, go up to them and thrust. Give to them, expressing your victory. As you're thrusting, say in a booming voice, RECEIVE!!!

When ur talking to your friend and he says "what would u do, if we were walking down the street and and I just randomly turned into a Balrog?" (Perfect response) I would receive it.
by Tyronwhite May 27, 2007