Being of mental defect ,plain ignorance, or stupidity. Originating in a popular pokemon stream, it was a misspelling of "retarded" that became common.
With all these newfags, things just got fucking recarded.
by Elechode July 09, 2010
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When a bar and/or restaurant asks to see your ID, even when you are very obviously over the age of twenty one. For instance, if you see a man in his late sixties being asked to show his driver's licence to buy a Bud Light.
Server: "Excuse me sir, may I see your ID."
Customer: "I'm seventy-two...I can guarantee you I'm old enough to drink."
Server: "Yes, I know, but it's company policy."
Customer: "This is recarded."
by Clarington Hedgewater September 20, 2011
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