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Noun: A holiday card sent from a corporation, sample order card or card sent from another person resigned by the original recipient and sent to another person. Very cheap but earth friendly!
Verb: To resend a previously recieved card additionally signed by the original recipient.
This years recards were sample cards from a holiday card and gift wrap catalog!
by Atakith December 18, 2007

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contraction of will not, different version of won't because there is not an o in will
I win't be going to the party with you, noone like you there!
by Atakith September 25, 2006

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Ridiculous to a retarded level. Something so stupid it's beyond any sane reason to do it.
That was retardiculous to try and steal a live lobster by stuffing it down your pants and trying to walk out of the store!
by Atakith December 20, 2016

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The burning sensation caused by not washing your hands well enough after eating hot wings and then handling your junk while using the urinal.
We all started laughing when we heard Garys burning Wing Wang screams coming out of the Pizza and Wings restaurant bathroom.
by Atakith June 05, 2018

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