Dressed like your right out of a J.Crew or Banana Republic catalog. It differs slightly from 'J.Crew' or Preppy in that it's a phrase applied to a situation where the clothes are wearing the man rather than a particular lifestyle reflected in the clothes worn by the man.

For example: a medical tech who usually wears blue hospital scrubs dressed in chinos and a button-down plaid shirt; all creases were crisp (right out of the package)...or...
A a slovenly overweight college kid raised by Vermont hippies and who's never worn a tie, dresses to meet his girlfriends parents.
Man, you look catalog, did you even take the price tag off those chinos?
by Josephandjon May 8, 2016
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adj. -- conspicuously outfitted in new mall-store clothing
My resident is dressed like he just went shopping at J. Crew.

I told him he looked catalog.
by sportinlife April 7, 2016
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When you receive a text message of a book's information from a friends college library
Kayla: I just got a text from the UNLV Library...
by TVOZ March 16, 2010
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Someone who reads catalogs of equipment -- high performance car parts, electronics or whatever -- and suddenly thinks he knows everything. These people are easy to spot -- they spend a great deal of money "improving" their cars, stereos or whatever. What they say sounds like hyperbolic ad copy and they won't let go of their beliefs, no matter how often someone proves them wrong.
Adam: Oh great, Ed's on a rant. He bought some gadget he found in a hot rod magazine for his car and claims it's doubled the power and his fuel economy. I looked at the thing and it's junk, just like all the other "performance parts" he bought in the last month.

Eve: That's Ed, alright. A real "Catalog Engineer."
by The Third Jay Guy December 15, 2010
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Quite literally, a catalog of thots
Guy 1: yoo where are the bitches in this town at?
Guy 2: hold up imma check the thot catalog
by Somister96 August 19, 2016
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When there are any combination of black, asian, and white people of mixed genders present at any location.

Named after the pictures of diversity that colleges send to high school students.
Guy 1: Look dude, it's an Indian chick, black chick, and an asian and white guy in that car.
Guy 2: It's like a college catalog in there.
by Matt August 20, 2006
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