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sorta like paintballs...they are the same size, weight, and fly the same way...they just dont have paint...they always bounce...they sting a little more n leave welts...perfect for practice...
i have some reballs and they are yellow...
by J. Stone August 14, 2006
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After a vigorous night of love making a gentleman may wish to retreat and give his chaps time to regroup before mounting a further sexual incursion .
When you've been banging all night and your balls feel like they've been in a vice but your partner is so hot your taking time out before part two .
Bollocks rest time .
Balls needing time out .
Newtons cradle has stopped for a moment.
Lady , Oh my god four times in one night you're a sex God
Man , hold on me duck I need to rest the lads . Reball and we're good for five .
by Trentbridge Troll July 31, 2018
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