1. A way of telling your friends to shut up when they ask how you and your significant other are doing. 2. A way of telling the waiter you do not want any more hot butter rolls, and can't you see we are talking important to each other.
dumbass: "You are not mad cause I called you a slut at your parent's house the other night. We straight?"

Significant other: "We're good."
by ironman316 September 16, 2008
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When two awsome people meet each other. They are initially overwhelmed by each other's brilliance and intellect. They both thoroughly enjoy each other's company. They share a connection that surpasses all others, and although they are not nessasarily prone to engaging in sexual antics. They are most compatible in that area. Together they will command a room, (or army.) Win the houses hand and/or conjour the world. They are unstoppable.
we're good and then some... adrian and jess get together. But as annoying as they are. They are good and then some.
by AnnaMay February 18, 2015
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"What are you two up too?"

"Clearly that doesn't concern you... We're good and then some."
by AnnaMay February 18, 2015
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This is a phrase used when spending a long time making a deal with the seller until they lower the price enough. Then you suddenly throw it at them.

A term for throwing expensive stuff.
_Man goes to but Golden Glove_
A: 50 bucks
B: 10 dollars or no deal
A: 20!
B: I hope you're proud of yourself for ripping off a man with a fixed income *hands 10 dollars*
A: 30 actually
B: No, 20 we're good! *chucks golden glove he just bought*
by Gottüberallesπ April 1, 2021
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