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the disease of being ratchet commonly diagnosed in girls from 13 - 26
by masa_freshhh December 30, 2013
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An infectious Viral and/or bacterial disease closely related to the female ratchet.
Side Effects include but not limited to:
1. Lost or stolen money, credit and

debit cards
2. Frequent visits to the E.R. for

Penicilian shots
3. Legs that spread easier than peanut

4. Jock itch, ring worm, irritable bowel

syndrome, diarrhea of the mouth,

compulsive cock gobbling and STDs

5. Lower ambition

6. Loss of significant other
7. Increased self-post on
8. Lost and or stolen electronic devices
9. Complete loss of dignity

10. Excessive use of the word "bruh"

"fam" and "cash me outside"
That Ho Over There (t.h.o.t.) gave my peoples "ratchetitis"
by Pimpindistress May 15, 2018
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