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To be refering to the bum. West Indian's use it in a slang when they are mad.
O rass....someone juss put a dent in my car.
by Peter February 26, 2003
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1.West Indian term referring to the behind.
2.Can also be a word used to enhance any sentence.
3.Used when angry
4.Creole for ass
1.Yuh rass tuh big deh...means:your ass is too big there
2.This rass ting nah gud fuh none rass money...rass! means: This thing isn't good for any amount of money
3.Rass! You nah geh none idea how had meh wuk fuh this rass thing! means:you don't have any idea how hard I worked for this thing.
4.rass means ass.
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Used as an intensifier.

Used as a response to a shocking stimulus.
Intensifier: "Rass my legs jus' got blown off!"

"Yo man put ur pants back on!"
Shock-response wud be: "rass i daint even notice!"
by Esq. January 12, 2004
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Guyanese people word of the behind. Or sometimes used as just a regular curse.
1 ) Oh skunt you mad rass. ( saying tht there crazy
2 } My rass is hurting me.

3 ) Yuh rass a itch ?
by yuhmuddahrass June 24, 2009
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Rass is a Carribean Swear word that is equivalent to the word "ass". Especially used in the country of Belize.
I wah buss your rass.

Translation: I will burst your ass.
by Dobbie100 August 09, 2009
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To rass, in simple words, is to give it in thy ass. If you get rassed, it's a very painful experience, especially when copping from a wild bushpig. Rass is a very ancient proverb, dating back to around 2012, with the creation of the rass clan. Complete and utter pig blabber.
"OH WTF, why the hell did you feel the need to rass me, you bead"
by jeffers1269 February 20, 2017
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1. Jamaican expletive/exclamtion
2. Jamaican - To hit (usually hard or with prejudice)
1. Oh rass! Mi son jus crash mi new BMW!

Student (after being hit in the head with cricket ball): bumboclaat!

Coach: Watch you language!

Student: But sir, him jus rass mi inna mi head!
by Jamaicansnsation March 24, 2007
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