Type of role play in sexual foreplay/intercourse. Putting the submissive as "the victim" and the dominant partner as the "rapist". It's all role play and consensual.
Bailey: My boyfriend and I tried Rape Play
Jessica: He raped you?!?
Bailey: No, I consented. We role played a rape situation
by CheesyBoi October 3, 2017
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APEEEEFUKKN THE SHIIIITTT out of a girl; Primal Play-Instincts at-Work takeover.

There is no distinction between « you », « me », « he » or « her »; Der Just Is

; Instinctual Meld-ing of Masculine_ABSOLUTE Sexual Polarity and Feminine_ABSOLUTE Sexual Polarity..



Rape play is the act of aggressively fucking a girl, having received EXPLICITLY-Implicit consent by paying attention && following "subtuals" emitted by a girl / having received EXPLICITLY-Implicit consent by paying attention && following subtle linguistic communicational patterns employed by a girl/having received EXPLICITLY-Implicit consent by paying attention && following subtle Physiological "Honest Signals" transmitted by a girl.
Rape play is soo fukkn raunchy duud....it's like/imagine when Goku saw Krillin get killed by Frieza, and--as if, a switch '..--IMMEDIATELY&&INSTANTLY Unleashed Super Saiyan-jin $wagg-$tyle Energy;
channeling that VERY Energy into an ULTRA-DENSE ball of PURE CARNALITY, and focusing it/BEASTT FUKKN BLASTIN' IT ALL && DIRECTLY onto said girl...


by Master_Steven December 1, 2021
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A sexual activity that involves willingness and TRUST between both male and female especially the female. It is a sub-genre of BDSM. This is also referred to as "consensual non-consent". In other words, adults agree to pretend that one or more of the parties is not actually consenting.
I waited for my girlfriend to get home last night and hid in the closet and when she came into the bedroom i came out and put my hand over her mouth so no one could hear her scream and sexually had my way with her as i fulfilled her fantasy rape role-play.
by fluffy7485 February 20, 2010
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Play Rape is a form of 'bedroom fun' that follows certain codes and conventions similar to the act of rape or surprise sex
Rules or guidelines:
1. The rapist is allowed to use any instrument they see fit in any orifice to their own will.

2. The rapee should be held or tied down depending on location.

3. The act must be to extent sexual violence and the rapist earns right to penetrate any orifice.

4. If the rapist feels need he can gag the rapee.

5. And finally do not ask questions through the act i.e. 'Can I ram this bottle up your cunt'

- The act of rape is mainly about sex. Violence is allowed if and only if both parties agree before hand.

- Come up with a safe word incase the act becomes to intense.

- Agree terms of play rape before the rape. Any orifice the rapee does not wish to be penetrated and instruments not to be used should be arranged beforehand.

- This is supposed to be fun so ensure both rapist and rapee are comfortable with whats happening.

- Always play safe. Use a condom!
by ContradictionPersonified August 25, 2009
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A sex game, or role playing game usually consisting of some horseplay, hitting, or slapping. One partner acts unwilling while the other acts as if they are forcing the sex to happen. One can incorporate an unloaded gun or knife for ambiance if so desired.
"My girlfriend and I were playing rape last night. It was awesome!"
by Dr. Todd Reezee January 25, 2009
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