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duud is a word used when typing on aim. it is less work than writting dude, instead duud. can also be used to describe someone or greet someone. also used to decribe the Noob duud motorsports team
used to greet someone online
user1-hey duud
user2-duud whats up duud
by kyle clements November 2, 2007
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An emphasized "Dude"

Almost like a verbal high-five.
Can also be a verbal slap. Depends on how you say it.
Duude! Sick Bike!

Duude, WTF?
by Venusxerocia June 7, 2012
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Duud is said to be one of the many gods people believe in. It is commonly mistaken for dude but head my warning, using duud with no meaning shall prove enduring.
by Duud follower November 17, 2019
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