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Rape is when you force sex
by I eat your cat August 06, 2016
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To Pwn, own, or annihilate.

The Unlawful use of one's reproductive organs and/or pooper.
1.) Lets rape these guys!
2.) Lets rape these guys!
by Crack ho Magazine May 14, 2009
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Somebody getting so senselessly owned so powerfully that it can't be used by either powned/owned or even rofl powned. It can only be compared to the devastating affect of rape.
Holy shit! Rambo just raped that Zipper Head!

Dude, omg Danny raped Frank in the fight. It wasn't even close!

USC raped UCLA by 100 for the 8th time in a row!
by BigRed32 February 11, 2009
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When someone steals or takes without permission something of value.
"Someone totally raped our cash box at the fundraiser"
by Taty October 02, 2005
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people who pass unconstitutional laws that rape my rights like the assholes who invented property tax. No one has actually owned property in 100 years! If you don't pay your property tax (rent to assholes in washington) the government assholes take your property away, sell it to other assholes, and do something gay with the money. traitors and assholes alike!
the assholes who invented property tax are those fucking socialists the same assholes who gave us "temporary" income tax to rape my spending power, fucking welfare to rape my paycheck, and allowed assholes in banks to invent money to lend but keep the real money profits. bank assholes who mismanage the imaginary money spread the loss around to people with jobs or assets and pocket the real money again. treasonous assholes.
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