A genre of music that usted to have merit,but now is promoting a society of rich white kids who think they are part of the "black" society. In fact black kids who don't listen to rap are considered not black by these stupid stereotypical white kids.(for more info on this see look up "ghettofab")
I'm gonna open up a radio station called KRAP and it's gonna play rap all the time :P
by Benphomet June 22, 2005
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a type of music, that envolves rhyming, usually with some kind of beat/music

this is probably the most hated music genre, but it doesn't mean it sucks, the only thing that matters is if you like it or not. you shouldn't worry about other people's opinions.
Dude! have you heard of that new rap by Zro? That shit is tight!
by Commindiamonddozen2 November 25, 2007
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RAP is a dialect of slang terminology that can only be appreciated by the non-intelligent, unintellectual, elementary educated type of people who employ extremely poor speech on a regular basis, due to the belief that it sets them apart from mainstream society.
The vast majority of people under 30, today like RAP because they believe others perceive them as "cool" or "hip" or "a gangsta", or "tough".
by shomesomethin July 11, 2010
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The worst excuse for music ever. 99.99 percent of rap is awful. if theyre not talking about busting a whitey's ass they're talking about repping their gang,shooting up cops,getting money or getting 12 hoes. There's no instruments only 3 fucking synthesized notes that repeat 500 times through the whole fucking songAt least music like classical and metal has instrumental genuis to it. I'm not saying I listen to everything but I appreciate any music that they use instruments in. Classical and metal have emotion to it. It goes through your fucking body like something is compelling you. Too bad that's not the deal with rap. When you listen to rap you feel nothing. Don't get me wrong there are some good rappers. But only a few. Ex: Common, The Roots,The Fugees, Eminem. So rap is gay. Vivaldi kicks ass any day.

Music: Beethoven,Mozart,Children Of Bodom,DragonForce,Slipknot,Between The Buried And Me,As I Lay Dying,Bring Me The Horizon,Avenged Sevenfold,System Of A Down,In Flames,Killswitch Engage,Opeth,Tool,Machine Head,Atreyu,Disturbed,Amon Amarth,Gorgoroth,Arch Enemy,Bach,Iron Maiden.Metallica,Gustav

Not Music: Soulja Boy,Ja Rule,The Game,DMX,50 Cent,Jadakiss,Lil Wayne,Juelz Santana,Dem Franchize Boyz,Tupac,Lil Jon,Lil Scrappy,Biggie,NWA,P Diddy,3 6 mafia,fat joe,d4l
Stupid person: hey what's up

Smart Guy: Hey do you like Metallica?

Stupid Person: EWWW NO, that's just yelling. You should listen to 50 cent.

Smart Guy: That music is for retards.I don't listen to rap.

Smart Girl: Hey how are you.

Smart Guy: Good, Hey do you like metal.

Smart Girl: Yeah, my fav band is Children Of Bodom.

Smart Guy: Me too

-smart guy and smart girl start having a conversation about metal while stupid person is sitting down in shame-
by Metal Kicks Ass April 24, 2009
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Abrrev. for the horrible Toronto NBA team the Toronto Raptors
'yo you goin to watch the raps play tonight, nah man they shit'
by Jewnior August 26, 2005
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The only reason why rap is even mentionable is because girls think it is easy to dance to.
by Rocky Sullivan January 15, 2007
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The "C" is silent. Next to operas and symphony's, its the worst music in the world.
Person 01: This music is crap!

Person 02: Actually, the C is silent, it pronounced "Rap".
by Dewit May 21, 2009
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