to get caught doing somethin illegal or that your not supposed to by someone you would not want to catch you (for example: Cops, parents, your girlfriend/boyfriend)
Pothead 1: Hey man you seen John.
Pothead 2: Nah bruh. He got rapped last night. got Locked up
by M.I.C. March 7, 2008
1.Being owned in a game of Call of Duty.
2.having sexual relations with someone without yelling Surprise!
1.Dude, i totally rapped you in Team Deathmatch!
2.Trust me, you do not want to get rapped again.
3.OMMFG! I just got rapped!
by Aaroniscolio March 10, 2010
When nobody understands what you're saying, so you say it again and again, in 4/4 time.
1. What he say?
2. Dunno. Wuz rap to me.
by archimedest August 10, 2006
Raps is a form of card game (most commonly combined with Poker or Blackjack) where the loser has to recieve a decided or random amount of hits on the knuckles from a deck of cards. Usually, the first to bleed wins.
Blackjack and Poker are the most common types, where the loser either picks a random card from the deck (and is administered that many blows) or is hit ("rapped") according to the factor of loss.
Let's play Poker for raps.
9 of Hearts. That's 9 raps.
by DXB09 May 14, 2007
An excuse for people to complain, and tell the world that their life is harder than everyone else's, even though they have million dollar homes and expensive cars to go home to.
See busta.
My name is (famous rapper),
I can talk about hurting women and brag about my very fabulous life, yet still get millions of fans, and still get paid.
by KcKayce June 14, 2005
Ok, wow, I know alot of you people are defensive about rap, but you don't have to slam the rockers about it, because you are just contradicting yourselves! Rap is a form of music, and so is Rock, they both sound very different, but sometimes you can't distingish the difference in some songs! Seriously, the only thing that bothers me about rap is how some of the artists just put a "lil" before a name, made a few songs and became superstars! Alot of rockers have mad it easy by going with a fad as well, but i can't think of any right off hand. There are alot of different forms of rap and rock, like punk rock, grunge rock, gangsta rap, hip-hop! So no, not all rockers are hillbilly rednecks, so you guys can back off, and not all rappers are killer niggers with gats and hoes, so you guys can back off! Just remember, Racism can go BOTH ways!!
1st guy: Rap is GREAT
2nd guy: Rap sucks, Rock RULES!!!
1st guy: wutever, all you idiots do is complain about stupid shit!
2nd guys: and all yoe retards do is talk about gats and hoes!
then I show up!
Me: You're both stupid, acknowledge both forms of music and quit raggin on eachother just because you both have wacked opinions of something!!
by Ponyboy OH YEAHH!!! January 7, 2006
The only form of music that can be written completely in Mario Paint and stil sound exactly like it came from an expensive LA recording studio.
Guy1: Yo! I just got tha new 50 cent! you wanna listen Nigga?
Guy2: Na. I already got that entire CD in MP for my SNES!
by FRANZZZZ June 3, 2005