A name, noun, or verb used for someone who is excessivly flirtatious or flirting while having no chance of succeeding

Often used with the prefix "Dr."
"That guy was sure "rankin'" on her!"

"Look at Dr. Rank working his unholy magic!"
by Andrew March 24, 2005
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to be in someone's face or there buisness.to be on to someone's scheme!
by DARREN M. TOEWS March 26, 2004
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Part of the mank-jank-skank-rank-gank scale of just how bad something is. All are negative terms.

gank is worse than
rank is worse than
skank is worse than
jank is worse than
That dead horse in your garden is rank
by James Keenan May 25, 2006
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cool, awesome, used in central florida, meaning the high quality. it comes from dank, another word used meaning high quality used by hippies, this is used by southern highschool and recently graduated young adults
that mudhole was rank
that was a rank steak
we had a rank weekend
by its beach bitch! August 23, 2009
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a person or thing or whatever that is somewhat retarted/ugly/gross
"Did you see ________ at the party? She looked rank."
by Lidiaaa April 28, 2007
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A unique name given to only those who are the sexiest of the sexy
Girl: Hey look at that sexy guy over there.
other Girl: Hes the sexiest guy i have ever seen!
Guy: oh him? Yeah thats Ranks.
by Exhi May 21, 2011
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