A gang in Dallas TX..their color is red and there rival is East Side.They actually have there own area in dallas recognized as the Varrio the entrance is under the I30 or better the winslow exit and extends into a small portion of PG (pleasant grove)
i remember when that nigga ricky from the varrio got his ass beat by that nigga tun-tun from east side during the rumbles at woodrow in 2003-2004.
by down south reppin January 4, 2008
A term used for people who are so lonley that they claim to have relationships with animals such as dating a rat
Stop being a Varrios just cause you say your dating a rat doesnt mean its true
by Sukiyaki1154 June 8, 2021
its spanish for hitting up 'where you from'? litteraly it means what neighborhood
Whats up dog, que varrio.
by sv_vineland_boys_gang August 26, 2009
Orange Varrio Cypress is a street gang in Orange, CA. Orange Varrio Cypress aka OVC or OVECE is a dangerous gang they do not get along with any gang in Orange so the most hated gang in Orange, the gang is over 800 members and still recruiting, they beef it with OCC aka Orange County Criminals, OVC hates this Gang and would kill any OCC member on sight.
Ay foo did u hear about Orange Varrio Cypress shooting up some foo in Adams
by The 13 rules October 30, 2018
A very large gang of at least 800 members located in Watsonville California. They are very dangerous and fight scraps on sight. They have no boundarys there quick and crazy. They are also known to simply just not give a fuck about scraps. There known enameys are P.S.W,P.S.L.W.V.P.,M.S.L,ETC.
Ayy chap you trippin?
Fuck you fucken ugly ass scrap Watson Varrio Norte Rifa Puto feo!
by Mr.Locote July 11, 2010
A small norteno gang close to watsonville. they are very unpopular with the other nortenos in that area.
by Mr.Locote July 11, 2010