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When you have been in such a happy mood for longer than three weeks, that it affects your shit - turning it into a wonderful display of happiness as it is pooped out. Can be put on display. The multicoloured shit is often in the order of the rainbow if the happiness is genuine and if the colours are out of order, there is an underlying issue of mania which can be diagnosed by slicing the shit horizontally.
Dudette 1: I love what you have done with your bathroom
Dudette 2: you do? Thanks. I have been on such a high this last month I knew I was due some rainbow shit
Dudette 1: but how did you get that pattern?
Dudette 2: I just ate a fucking hot curry one night and in the morning: tada!.....rainbow walls!
by ChiefPoof May 27, 2016
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When a girl doesn't get the "all black" fashion code and comes to the club looking like a rainbow shit on her.... Circa 1995
"Lara looks like a rainbow shit on her" Tiff
"I know... That is so 90s" Karen
by UndercoverOrca May 27, 2016
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Girls who wear ridiculous amounts of colours on their clothing. Play safe. Play black.
"Brittany didn't get the memo about always wearing black, it's 2016... She looks like a rainbow took a shit on her

"Yea totally a rainbow shit."
by UndercoverOrca August 09, 2016
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