9 definitions by UndercoverOrca

A monkey kept for the purpose of Fluffing men before they go on stage...

Often accused of having fluffy fingers they are kept in a cage til Performance time....
Where's that dam fluff monkey... I've got 45 seconds to get fluffed???
by UndercoverOrca May 30, 2016
When a girl doesn't get the "all black" fashion code and comes to the club looking like a rainbow shit on her.... Circa 1995
"Lara looks like a rainbow shit on her" Tiff
"I know... That is so 90s" Karen
by UndercoverOrca May 27, 2016
Girls who wear ridiculous amounts of colours on their clothing. Play safe. Play black.
"Brittany didn't get the memo about always wearing black, it's 2016... She looks like a rainbow took a shit on her

"Yea totally a rainbow shit."
by UndercoverOrca March 7, 2016
The gloriously orange dust that coats one's fingers after enjoying some Cheesy Poof action
"Shaniqua was head to toe Cheesy Poof-dust..Girlfriend loves her Cheesy Poofs"

"Eat my Cheesy Poof-dust" ...
by UndercoverOrca March 5, 2016
An aggressive kiss reminding you of the awkward turtle moments of puberty
John totally face-raped me on the dance floor, it was gross! He's such a face-rapist.
by UndercoverOrca March 6, 2016
When every udder releases a different flavour of shake...

Strawberry, vanilla, banana, and Oreo.... You don't know which to get under first.
HOLY COW.. It's a rainbow cow, I need me some Oreo shake fresh from the udder.
by UndercoverOrca March 8, 2016
When you are have weird crushes on humans that look like snorlax's... Can be awkward turtle when you are in the vicinity as you are obsessed by the thought of a winking snorlax
Dude... Brick is such a snorlaxophile... He starts winking uncontrollably.
by UndercoverOrca May 28, 2016