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Stands for "Dragon Kill Points" or "Dungeon Kill Points." Used in mmorpgs as a form of currency within groups of players to bid on or "buy" items that are recieved in said dungeons. Awarded in different ways: time spent in the dungeon, how many bosses (main monsters) are killed, etc.
(Grinth) I need that crown
(Marivel) so do i.
(Grinth) give it to Marivel
(Arcavia) but you have a higher amount of DKP than her.
(Grinth) yeah, but it's a bigger upgrade for her
(Marivel) w00t! thanks Grinth! <3
by 5ummerbreeze August 30, 2006
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Dragon Kill Points. Used by Guilds in MMORPGs as a form of currency distributed to guild members participating in the kill, which they can spend by bidding on loot that is dropped by mobs.
"Player1 outbids Player2 on Uber-l33t Sword by 15 DKP. Going 1..2..3.. Grats Player1!"
by Benjamin April 17, 2005
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Don't Know The Proper Spelling.

In contrast to a typo, where one simply makes a mistake on accident, a DKPS is when one spells something totally wrong because they just don't know how to spell it.

A person who has made a DKPS may attempt to pass it off as a typo if the error isn't too drastic.
1: I want to change the cuuriculim in schools
2: Dude, I think you mean "curriculum".
1: Oh sorry, typo
1: You made two errors. Looks more like a DKPS to me.
by JoMan112 January 04, 2012
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buy the domain for your recipe vlog
The hardcore Crew called: De ketz posse!
pure DKP ownage! omg!!!oneoneoneonehundredandeleven
by DLX December 30, 2004
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