Stands for "Dragon Kill Points" or "Dungeon Kill Points." Used in mmorpgs as a form of currency within groups of players to bid on or "buy" items that are recieved in said dungeons. Awarded in different ways: time spent in the dungeon, how many bosses (main monsters) are killed, etc.
(Grinth) I need that crown
(Marivel) so do i.
(Grinth) give it to Marivel
(Arcavia) but you have a higher amount of DKP than her.
(Grinth) yeah, but it's a bigger upgrade for her
(Marivel) w00t! thanks Grinth! <3
by 5ummerbreeze August 30, 2006
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Dragon Kill Points. Used by Guilds in MMORPGs as a form of currency distributed to guild members participating in the kill, which they can spend by bidding on loot that is dropped by mobs.
"Player1 outbids Player2 on Uber-l33t Sword by 15 DKP. Going 1..2..3.. Grats Player1!"
by Benjamin April 17, 2005
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Don't Know The Proper Spelling.

In contrast to a typo, where one simply makes a mistake on accident, a DKPS is when one spells something totally wrong because they just don't know how to spell it.

A person who has made a DKPS may attempt to pass it off as a typo if the error isn't too drastic.
1: I want to change the cuuriculim in schools
2: Dude, I think you mean "curriculum".
1: Oh sorry, typo
1: You made two errors. Looks more like a DKPS to me.
by JoMan112 January 5, 2012
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The hardcore Crew called: De ketz posse!
pure DKP ownage! omg!!!oneoneoneonehundredandeleven
by DLX December 30, 2005
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What you say when someone fucks up a raid in World of Warcraft.

To get the entire effect, you have to add a few "fucks" and "shits".

Also, DKP is a commonly used system to distribute gear in higher end raids. (depending on the system, 50 dkp vary in actual value)
what the fuck was that shit? if you get aggro, you will lose 50 dkp for not knowing what the fuck to do!

go away from the head lee.

now! crushem handle it!

by brochillxcore April 2, 2008
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