Usually a name given to n arab girl. Rahma means mercy in arabic.
Rahma is a very down to earth girl. She's always striving for her best and has a heart of gold and an extremely gorgeous smile. Her personality is almost as mezmorizing as her looks and she can win your heart right at first sight. She's loved by everyone she meets and is usually hanging out with her friends. She gets along with men very well and others grow jealous because of that. But you don't want to get on her bad side, she am really make things ugly.
"Who is she, all the guys love her!"
"Damn, must be a Rahma."
by GottaLove June 9, 2017
a name given usually given to an arab girl. the name means mercy / compassionate. they are very hot and amazing people, but they usually have anger issues. so beware!
woah rahma is so hot and kind! woah rahma can stick up for herself and not afraid to tell anybody off! 🥵
by swaggyassmfer July 3, 2021
A stunningly beautiful women, with the heart of a lion and smile of gold. Also can be very dangerous if you provoke her.
Yo, there aint no Rahma's up in here, lets get outta here.
by ladi dadi March 7, 2008
A synonym of happy. Rahma is a great soul. Someone who is always happy, smiling, and hungry. A Rahma also has great taste in fashion.
Everybody needs a Rahma in their life
by Bana194 March 26, 2019
Rahma also known in Chinese as lakhuma is a very funny and outgoing person. They usually love children and babies and will most likely become a surrogate once blossomed. They have a heart of gold but make them angry and they will surgically ............. just don't do it. They are really smart and have a way with people in general. They love being the center of attention and are always making new friends. If you know or ever meet a Rahma, you are a really lucky person in general.
Everyone: Yall, who is that full course meal?

Everyone (in sync chanting): Its the queen Rahmaaaa!!!!!!
Rayaan: I want to be exactly like her. Harumpfff
by Not a Rahma at all December 8, 2018
Rahma is an Islamic name. Rahma is at really kind, funny, and loves her friends. She is from the people that would do her best to look pretty and to make her friends happy.

Guys get attracted to her because of her style and her perfection.

Rahma have a smile of gold.
But that’s not all... Rahma May be a bad girl when she guts hurt .
Guys: ohhh look at this girl she soo beautiful. “ her boyfriend is lucky to have her”
Her ex: “ I wish I could’ve continued with her”
Her bf: “ I will always love you offcourse you are mine..Rahma”
by By Ethan will October 12, 2019
Rahma is a very very sexy girl with an amazing body. Her face is beautiful and her eyes gets you attached. Her lips are soft and plump she is very good at kissing and is a girl that likes what she sees. if you ever get a chance with her you will want to grab it with both hands. She is very funny and makes you laugh till you cry. she has a smile of gold. She has lots of guy friends and is a very big flirt. Her personality is mezmorising just like her looks. She has a heart of gold and always striving for her best. She is usually hanging out with friends and is loved by everyone. You can’t be mad at her for long. She gets along with men and others are always jealous of her but you don’t want to get on her bad side because it could turn ugly.
Whoaa is the rahma she is so sexyy. That girls face is like gold it’s got to be a Rahma!! Get me a figure like rahma!
by Rahma xxxxxxxxxxxxxx October 18, 2018