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Usually a boy. Rayaan always gets what he wants and is normally a mummys boy. He loves cars and mine craft . You tube and netflix is his life. He doesn't like school/work but goes anyway and comes home with amazing results.
Maya: I went on a date with Rayaan last night.
Maria: Oh my goodness you are so lucky he is such a nice boy........
by person??? April 02, 2015
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A clever, creative, unique girl that is sporty and a tomboy. She always gets the best exam results without even trying and is always positive and happy! In Arabic Rayaan is a door in heaven or means "clever" or "brilliant" however in India it is refered to as a person of authority. Rayaan should be respected and admired for she is one of a kind and does things here own special way and can always make you smile!
Girl: We went to the shops with Rayaan yesterday, she is so fun and crazy!

Friend: She sounds like a great girl!
by A girl that's a girl January 31, 2017
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if your name is rayaan it means that you are a hit with the galdem or girls

this also means you want nudes of the person ayit
it also means that you got a 1 inch dick

and a bowl cut that likes a courtney or possibly a emily or an alisha
that boy is such a rayaan
go fuck rayaan
you know rayaan is fucked
via giphy
by bigbenbubunana April 24, 2018
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A relatively cool person, reserved kinda guy(reserved used as sticks to a few people and enjoys most with them) cannot live without his daily dose of memes and is a loving boyfriend. Very loving and would die for who he loves. Handsome and typically a very good student in school though he hates it very much. And a person you can trust with secrets.
I wish I could hang out with Rayaan more, he’s such a cool guy man!
by I’m Monkey 2929 October 02, 2018
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