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Usually a boy. Rayaan always gets what he wants and is normally a mummys boy. He loves cars and mine craft . You tube and netflix is his life. He doesn't like school/work but goes anyway and comes home with amazing results.
Maya: I went on a date with Rayaan last night.
Maria: Oh my goodness you are so lucky he is such a nice boy........
by person??? April 02, 2015
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A relatively cool person, reserved kinda guy(reserved used as sticks to a few people and enjoys most with them) cannot live without his daily dose of memes and is a loving boyfriend. Very loving and would die for who he loves. Handsome and typically a very good student in school though he hates it very much. And a person you can trust with secrets.
I wish I could hang out with Rayaan more, he’s such a cool guy man!
by I’m Monkey 2929 October 02, 2018
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A clever, creative, unique girl that is sporty and a tomboy. She always gets the best exam results without even trying and is always positive and happy! In Arabic Rayaan is a door in heaven or means "clever" or "brilliant" however in India it is refered to as a person of authority. Rayaan should be respected and admired for she is one of a kind and does things here own special way and can always make you smile!
Girl: We went to the shops with Rayaan yesterday, she is so fun and crazy!

Friend: She sounds like a great girl!
by A girl that's a girl January 31, 2017
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if your name is rayaan it means that you are a hit with the galdem or girls

this also means you want nudes of the person ayit
it also means that you got a 1 inch dick

and a bowl cut that likes a courtney or possibly a emily or an alisha
that boy is such a rayaan
go fuck rayaan
you know rayaan is fucked
via giphy
by bigbenbubunana April 24, 2018
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The best human being to ever walk the planet. Although that is debatable seeing that many believe that he is a god. He wakes up at 4AM before preceding to go for a 5 mile run just for fun. He looks sexy. He has about three dozen girls trying to get into his pants and doesn't care. Best student in school ( according to witness reports, he has a weighted GPA of 107.4 ). Stanch supporter and follower of capitalism ( was the CEO of a company at 16 and comes up with shoddy business on a near daily basis). Is a great human being. People love him he is friends with nearly ever person he meets and is always happy (why wouldn't he be).
Today Rayaan came up with an apparel business which would sell apparel of Ivy League knock offs which he founded (registered the non-profits for).

Person 1 : I feel bad for Jenny.
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: Well ... Jenny Brough up how the US ought to reduce income inequality through a redistribution of the wealth via taxation . Rayaan rebutted citing Jordan Peterson stating that hierarchies are inherent (even crustaceans have them) and that capitalism unlike all other economic systems mandates that to reach the top of the hierarchy one is required to give the most benefit to his fellow man.
by Kush Bindal May 23, 2019
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