A rich and meaty girl who is Italian
Wow...you are so ragu I want to lick you!
by Tully October 29, 2004
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a way of expressing feelings such as disappointment, sadness
i only got a 59 on my math test, ragu.
i feel ragu right now...
by bilboswegginz123 May 30, 2018
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the red stuff on on the end of a tampax or on the ends or your fingertips
It was surely that time of the month again, I had ragu all over my fingers after doing a monthly inspection
by eli martin October 3, 2007
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A nasty slut who sleeps around and has a blue waffle. She has fucked so many guys that she lost count after 356. shes loser than a doorknob and when she opens her legs you can smell it from 60 miles away. she isn't good in bed. all the guys go to her because shes easy.
by rockndevon September 3, 2010
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A meme god who is very indecisive and confusing. He's the nicest person you'll ever meet unless you piss him off and he's so easy to vibe with. Every time a dude looks at him they instantly fall in love with him cause he's super attractive like the pimp he is. He's funny, nice, weird, and the biggest weeb you'll ever meet if you ever come across a Ragu you should keep them around cause he'll always make your life better.
Person 1: " OMG have you met Ragu he's so amazing I wish you could meet him! "

Person 2: " Nah I haven't met him but I hope I can "
by Randomperson101R June 22, 2021
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A menstrual flow that closely resembles pasta sauce, as it shares the consistency of a particularly meaty sauce, along with its distinct zesty flavor and charming viscosity
Awww man, I was gonna get all up in Tiffany tonight but she's on her Ragu. Last time the slop was tasty, but overwhelming.
by SweatShopBarbie January 15, 2023
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