a lottery where prizes are guaranteed to be given out
The raffle at Club Palooza was the best!
by tamsiscool April 29, 2011
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Synonymous with ROFL (similar pronounciations). However, it is more commonly used in the ayng dialect. can be combined with suffixes of the ayng or n00b dialects as well.

origin: TNS
(normal) "What's that n00b, I like totally owned you? haha raffle!"

(ayng) "you see that noob over there? i just raffl't him, that's why he's crying like a noob. rafflayng"

(n00b) "lolollolool!11!1rofl rofl rafflecopterzz zomgzomg!!!1!2"
by utser April 19, 2005
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The area on a human male just above the genitals, usually habitat of pubic hair. Used when having sexual intercourse
"I like 'em big and thick, with a nice big fat ass, y'know what I'm saying? That way you get that padded effect - when your raffle bangs against 'em."
by Luke February 22, 2004
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Pronunciation: \'ra-fel\
Function(s): verb; noun

1. Raffle: (verb) To determinedly handle one's business in order to ultimately complete the task at hand

2. Raffle (noun) A movement comprised mostly of professional rafflers and their cohorts. See also: Raffler

Antonym: I.T.W.
"one day my ho' ridez da subway, an' den shez gon' da raffle??"
by Luvz2raffle January 9, 2008
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raffle = rofl

Means that something is usually funny, or it could not be and in that case, you would say "raffles" to mock someone, usually a noob. See: roofles
Guy1: Haha check out this picture...
Guy2: raffles

Guy1: Dude, lyke check out diz picture it'z lyke teh sex0r.
Guy2: Raffles. Go home noob.
by Justin W. June 9, 2004
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To get something on the raffle means to get something started, to begin something it is essentially as getting something on the go
where's those fosters? get those cans on the raffle ......i'm starving let's get some pasta on the raffle
by gecko_2010 October 23, 2010
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A sexy black dog that will bark at any inanimate objects and rape anything that moves.
"Why is that dog barking at a bin?"
"Must be a Raffles"
by some mechaphile September 17, 2008
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