A word Ali G uses meaning "racist."

Also links to his word "racialism."
"Couldn't it be argued that slavery is a bit racialist?"
by aminoacid June 22, 2006
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Someone who obsesses over race and racism.
"That's racist! She's racist! You're racist!"

"Go away you annoying racialist."
by learnmango November 7, 2021
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Being aware of racial boundaries... and judging people based on them. But not hating them for it.
reggin backwards is a lifestyle, not a skin color. =racialist creed

i'm a racialist, just because my asian girlfriend has a sideways pussy doesn't mean i'm not gonna fuck her!

i know i'm not racist because my lab partner is a muslim. but i'm a racialist so i'm apprehensive.

Racialist by a wall in Israel... What happened to the Jew who ran into the wall with a boner?....... he broke his nose.
by jethay! April 14, 2011
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a person who believes their racism is justified, whether through religion or deep personal belief, as opposed to a normal racist who may be against other races through ignorance or not having actually thought about it.
white and black nationalists consider themselves racialists, not racists.
by heavy metal machine November 19, 2009
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Essentialy the same thing as "Racist", but the letters "al" added. Something people use to justify their hatred of other people's races without assuming the label of a racist.
I am not a racist, I'm a racialist.
by anti-racist October 2, 2006
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One who believes that segregation of the races is good, but does not consider themselves to be racist. Typically a liberal minority who preaches independance for thier ethinicity from whitey.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 1, 2004
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1) Another word for racist
Malcolm X says it at his speech at Oxford University, By All Means Necessary
2) A white person (European decent)
3) A cop
4) Someone from the South
5) Someone that got nothing to be proud of from his race so he bags on others'
6) Someone who is a conservative or republican
7) Most likely one that has a moustache only
8) Most likely one that has never did drugs
9) Someone that goes the other direction of his walk when he sees you
10)A FOB
Damn does racialist white people, judging every move you make if your not white and does pigass cops doing all sorts of shit, writing us down for the same shit and then doing the same shit in front of us.
by Realize December 13, 2007
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