"You're a racist!" is the defense immediately spewed by any and all politically correct people when someone criticizes a non-white person.
Rational, thinking person: I can't believe we might have to pay for the free education of people that came into this country illegally.

Liberal: You're a racist!
by Comic Nut January 8, 2011
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Something that a minority (black,mexican,ECT) says to a white person when they make an ignorant or retarted comeback.
If you call someone a niggar or a beaner, then you're racist.
by JoeBro March 10, 2005
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'you're racist'
A term often shouted, said or uttered by a white person who thinks they are standing up for black-rights, when-in-fact, they are making themselves look stupid.
Person1: Will Smith is not funny.
Person2: " you're racist ".
by Choo-Choo McGrew January 23, 2008
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what a racist person says to lefties when they hear something progressive
Racist: Oh you want equality well you're racist
by Metal_Rod December 25, 2021
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