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A mysterious and passionate girl who is really confused in the world. Her main objective in life is to fit in and be loved. At first she may seem abit crazy and odd, but this only adds tovher true beauty, she will make you smile over the strangest things and her weirdness is the same thing that will make you smile. Everything is a big deal to her but this just shows that she cares a lot, she's a very beautiful and unique girl who will take your breath away and will always be willing to fall into true love. She is amazing.
Julieta is so weird.

Don't judge her man, she's beautiful when you get to know her.
by kushgod September 28, 2012
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Some pretty smart-ass girl who 'rekts' her sibilings , She is best girl, also an otaku and weeb ;u;
Oof, there is that smart girl person thing Julieta
by oof-im-a-human June 30, 2018
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A most professional mspaint user that has random urges to poke people and have sex.
Julieta drew me a picture in mspaint, and it led to us having sex. O_O
by Mike Pwns August 25, 2008
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