"This Moroccan is the shit, man, my entire face is numb."
by The Sympathetic Villain October 22, 2007
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Moroccan women are very curvy, have beautiful curly hair, tan skin and just damn fine. Hips like a goddess, will make you want to fall in love. The definition of exotic.
by Applesugarpops November 17, 2014
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Considered to be far longer than the normal time-span of 60 seconds that most countries agree to.
*2 hours later*

Katie: "Er, i thought you said you'd be a minute?"

Abdou: "...Yeahh, a Moroccan minute."
by dg123 May 5, 2010
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Occurs while banging a chick and menstrual fluid covers your ball bag in a zesty red sauce. Only in season about one week a month.

My girl loves to suck on my moroccan meatball.
by BOS2000 April 10, 2006
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the most common form of hash.
that's the Moroccan black, innit? you gotta be a geek not to know that.

- Ali G
by International Bad Boy July 22, 2005
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A sex act consisting of an ear of corn covered in cayenne pepper, inserted vaginally. Immensely painful but, some say, immensely pleasurable. Originated in Morocco, where women would put Moroccan vaginacorn in their couscous, due to its uniquely pungent flavor after being used.
Mmm, this couscous is really good. Did you make your own Moroccan vaginacorn to put in it?
by Chiroxiphia July 20, 2010
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- when a woman of Moroccan or Northern African decent performs oral sex on a man , but possesses a mustache. When the male becomes tired of looking at the mustache he proceeds to physically turn her head to the side and ejaculate in her ear.
- So the other night i'd had enough of looking at her so i gave her a moroccan sidedoor.
by Mr Sidedoor July 27, 2010
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