Performing felatio with ice in your mouth.
She gave me a Canadian Quiver with the ice left in the bottom of her cup.
by kamj August 23, 2009
Like Robin Hoods arrow quiver, this quiver is for your man junk. Like a case for holding your arrows, the slot between a women's legs can be a holder for your salami. Another word for vagina, cunt, slit or hatchet wound. Nothing like a nice warm meat quiver on a cold night.
Man I would like to store my meat in her hot fucking meat quiver….. Maybe I should sniff it if first and make sure it's clean before I store my fresh meat in there.
by Michael "Heavy G" Widorski September 28, 2009
When a woman vagina twitches and contracts when aroused or orgasm
My boyfriend makes my pussy quiver when he touches my clit
by ska2oosh March 1, 2018
The array of dance techniques or routines one has at their disposal.
Damn! Did you see Jim out on the dance floor last night? He's got mad moves in his jig quiver!
by Adumbford January 8, 2011
Howard Stern's radio sidekick. Laughs a lot. Does the news at the end of every broadcast.

Full name:
Robin Ophelia Quivers
Robin's personality meshes well with Stern's, thus balancing the show perfectly.
by JB January 19, 2004
A state of minuscule muscle contractions aka “quivering” of the anal ring due to being aroused. Partially due to an unstimulated prostate from lack of sex. Usually followed by a quiet hormonally-induced exhale.
Girl I haven’t had sex in so long and I saw a man so fine he made my bussy quiver.
by TagSya June 10, 2020