A girl who you think you know by her beautiful but intimidating appearance but you really do not at all. She could be the death of you or the making of you, you won't know till you get to know her.
Look at her, I've never met her but I'm unsure of her, what an Ophelia
by petalal February 8, 2015
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Ophelia is a funny enthusiastic girl. She is normally tall with brown hair and green/dark brown eyes. Ophelia will hurt you severely if you get on her bad side, so don’t. She is most likely to have a cat named Smokey
Look at Ophelia’s long legs. She’s as tall as a giraffe.

Did you see how Ophelia beat up *name*?! She’s so strong! Stay away from her
by ( ̄▽ ̄) June 2, 2020
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Oh god where do I start, if your name is Ophelia come over here right now we are getting married this instance. You are so god damn hot, your a god, a goddess. Just wow. Wow. You are a work of art, congratulations for being the superior human being you wonder person.
I want to kiss that bad bitch named Ophelia over there.
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An awesome person, but can get moody if she wants to. Very hot and every boys want to dig her.
Person: WOW! That totally is an Ophelia right there!
by QueenReyna November 29, 2015
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The cutest girl you ever met. She will make you fall in love with just one look. She likes to wear shorty shorts all the time. If you get an Ophelia never let her go she is the best thing that will ever happen to you. Be careful with her because she can and will turn on you in an instant.
Person 1: Omg did you see that Ophelia?
Person 2: Yes she is so cute!
by WeirdoAtHeart😁 October 25, 2020
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A intimidating soul. associated with Hamlet, commits suicide, drowning in river. Ophelia's are usually evil spirits taking form of a object/picture in the real world or electronically. Many haunting are from a spirit Ophelia. They are bad spirits sometimes, if one seems to be sketchy, you better hid. They are occasionally categorized as witches. On the other hands some Ophelia's are kind, beautiful souls, put on the earth to do good. These Ophelia's aren't as commen as the previous types, but when you find one you'll know the difference.
That girl is really beautiful! She must be an Ophelia.

I've been getting really creepy pictures of a doll-like creature via text. I think I'm haunted by an Ophelia!
by Dont escaped December 18, 2014
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A pretty name.
It means a girl who is smart, adorable, sweet etc
cc: I wish I was an Ophelia, theyre so pretty
by ashbxrry May 18, 2021
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