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quincy is a guy that everyone like because he is so genuine he is smart nice caring always in a great mood and he is especially GREAT IN BED his is also loving and supportive he is the type of person to get you up when your feeling down he is outgoing funny. he is drop dead handsome when quincy falls in love he will do anything for his dream girl to be happy he will protect her love her unconditionally be faithful to her he is also the most romantic person you'll ever meet and most importantly make the girl of his dreams the worlds happiest girl. if you ever meet quincy you better not take him for granted because if you leave him you'll regret it forever because there won't be any other guy that will treat you like a quincy would because quincy is a gentleman a compassionate person. and he is also a loving friend and always be there when you need him so remember if yo have a quincy never let him goo
girl: i wish i had a boyfriend like quincy
girl 2 : me too he is so hot
by topaz;) October 29, 2016
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A very nice guy who is adored by girls,innocent , funny,and attracted to all races of girls, and sometimes clumsy.
All out a very nice person
That guy has a Quincy personality
by gfsdfgbnnbvvda December 15, 2016
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When you laugh excessively for no reason to the point you can't fully control your hands. Typically when you can't grip a controller properly and occurs when playing with the boys at night. Treatment either involves time or bashing you hands into something hard until it hurts and the quince finally goes away.
I can't play guys I'm too quincy
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by Pussy Juice Nigga April 16, 2020
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When you start chopping very small lines of cocaine because your stash is almost gone and you want it to last just a little longer . Started at the High Sierra Music Festival
It was 11:30 a.m when my friends showed up at camp and asked for a bump so i lined em up some Quincys
by dustybeaker August 17, 2010
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