quincy is a guy that everyone like because he is so genuine he is smart nice caring always in a great mood and he is especially GREAT IN BED his is also loving and supportive he is the type of person to get you up when your feeling down he is outgoing funny. he is drop dead handsome when quincy falls in love he will do anything for his dream girl to be happy he will protect her love her unconditionally be faithful to her he is also the most romantic person you'll ever meet and most importantly make the girl of his dreams the worlds happiest girl. if you ever meet quincy you better not take him for granted because if you leave him you'll regret it forever because there won't be any other guy that will treat you like a quincy would because quincy is a gentleman a compassionate person. and he is also a loving friend and always be there when you need him so remember if yo have a quincy never let him goo
girl: i wish i had a boyfriend like quincy
girl 2 : me too he is so hot
by topaz;) October 30, 2016
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A really chill, funny, girl who everyone is super fond of. She enjoys traveling and sports and loves her family more than anyone you will ever meet.
WOW! Quincy is hands down the best person I have ever met in my life!! So glad she attends our college!
by maliquewww April 3, 2017
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a word that descrbes someone as being very funny, nice, cool, and attractive.
Generally, it jsut means that someone is an all around good person
I met this guy at a show and he was so quincy
by a;ljkgnawe;lbn March 8, 2009
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A rare disease preventing those infected from correctly speaking any word containing "er", instead replacing the aforementioned syllable with "or". Side effects include severe jewfro growth and the tendency to emit the foul odor of a syphillis-infested jockstrap.
"Hey guys, what's going on heore? Want to go to dinnor? My father is an arms dealor."

-some poor fuckor infected with quincy, god rest his soul
by dean johnson March 29, 2008
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yo nigga that quincy of yo's is turnin me off
by bob donaldson June 12, 2007
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basically it is an Anal Assassin, Ass Bandit, Ass Spelunker, Back Door Bandit, Bone Smuggler, Brownie king, Bum Bandit, Bumhole Engineer, Butt Pirate, Butt Rider, Butt Rustler, Cock Jockey, Cockpipe Cosmonaut, Fruit, Butt Fruit, Fudge Packer, Fudge Nudger, Oklahomo, Poo Pusher, Poo Pirate, Rectum Ranger, Rump Ranger, Shit Stabber, Turd Burglar. It is also a term that refers to a really hairy and smelly dude.
Dont pass out at da party dawg, cuz yo home boy be Quincy up yo ass
by DAQUAN_DA_SLAYA November 2, 2015
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Home of two US Presidents and Dunkin' Donuts. Has two High Schools, but Quincy High kicks North Quincy High's ass. North Quincy is full off asians, G-Town (in the eastern part of the city) is full of poor blacks. Quincy Point (across Fore River from weymouth)is mostly middle class but is the place to be. West Quincy is like G-town, Hough's Neck and Montclair are full of preppy asshole teenagers who spend their time drinking and fornicating.
Lets go to Quincy for some fun!
by Too Fly For A White Guy October 10, 2006
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