Hey, things are getting bad, looks like we might have to quar up soon.
by randomshortcuts November 10, 2020
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a fine chocolate man who is always there for his friends. also has a phd: pretty huge dick
look at that guy over there, he's such a Quar.
by qb1212 January 31, 2015
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"Quare" is a Wexford slang word that translates into "very". The word itself is from the Forth and Bargy dialect (also known as "Yola"), which was a form of English that was spoken in the south of County Wexford. "Yola" is believed to have evolved from Middle English. The southern area of County Wexford was the first area that English-speakers came to during the Norman invasion of Ireland, supporting the theory that the dialect evolved from the Middle English introduced in that period
It's quare hot.
by waynewex January 14, 2016
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noticeable,remarkable,exceptional. Equivalent to the word "quite" in most instances.
In Irish usage the word has no homosexual connotations.
That was a quare party
by Jim. M June 4, 2006
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Irish meaning 'very' or 'extremely'. a rural pronouniaction of the word Queer.

(Does not mean great, as it can be used in a negative sense, ie. this funeral is quare depressing.
The weather was quare cold.
That woman is quare fine.
by Vinny/Sands October 16, 2003
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