A slightly racist term to describe a black male.
Someone stole your bike? What did he look like?
Well uh, he was a Chocolate Man.
by EternitySpent August 24, 2007
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A Chocolate Man is a man from the Chocolate Land.
Nhu & Stella: "The Chocolate Man is going downnnn!!"

"Oh no! Chocolate Man is meltingggggg!!"

What a world, what a world...
by thejewandthecommunist May 12, 2009
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The chocolate man is the matress man’s Accomplice, he sells chocolate and also has a secret menu, the Chocolate man is really smart and might have Parkinson's also has Tourette’s
The chocolate man is really strong, hope he doesnt get mad at me
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An elaborate sexual maneuver; simply defecate into a air tight bag and place it over your partners head allowing minimal room for them to breathe, commence coitus from the rear, either hole is fine. Then in the last few seconds before climax remove the bag swiftly from your partners head leaving them gasping for air and likely tightening the vaginal / rectal cavities ensuring maximum enjoyment.
"I paid this prostitute an extra $50 last night to do the chocolate space man, I forgot the pull the bag off her head though and now I don't know where to bury her"
by Billy Billy no mates October 3, 2017
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any form of cheese, cheddar, swiss, or any other. Usually served with crackers, you can vary it up.
Dan cut up some man chocolate, I am starving.
by mjdiamond16 October 19, 2007
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