Slang for the Sexuality Quansexual where your gay but can change ethnicity's based on your personality for the day
I think I'm quan, I feel my Indian roots coming out but I'm full black
by LGBTQ-Pedia November 28, 2022
name: often the most beautiful and smartest people in the world, they are just perfect
by cancerteammates November 25, 2021
a boy who could get all the hoes but really want niya and has alot of money
dam that nigga quan really wanna fw niya
by Jaquane12 November 22, 2021
Did you see Stephanie's black eye? Omg she's such a Quan!

Rich Homie was arrested last week for hitting the Quan.
by ZeroDuxGiven May 28, 2019
The lazy ass bitch that just fucking sleeps the hole entire time during the "Cat and the Hat" movie. She needs to wake the fuck up and actually do her baby sitting job.
Wake up Ms.Quan!!
by Xavier Xan February 19, 2019
Quan u won’t do nun of the shit you saying
by GBG Demon January 27, 2022