a really popular pvp gamemode in minecraft which can make you really agressive because there are german sweats
Do you want to play Bedwars today?
by timtiminsky March 8, 2022
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a game that includes alot of sweats and the summary is: get 26 iron (stone sword and 64 blocks) and rush ur opponent next 2 u (only works in solos and doubles) if u lose most noobs (69% of noobs) rage quit. U sweat at least 3 pounds and probably will get carpal tunnel after a few games. If u win u call everyone L and yeah that's pretty much bedwars
Friend: Lets play bedwar
Me: Sure im good
*4 minutes into the game*

opponent: L
bedwars is so good :D
by xgoldtiger May 29, 2021
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a gamemode made by the popular server "hypxel" that is VERY EPIC AND POGGERS
bedwars is epic
by real human being July 13, 2021
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the sweatiest game on hypixel where people below gold prestige is considered nons, autofucking speedbridge is common and they have bad aim lololo, then theres sweaty ass jitter click and nice ass aim ppl that makes us nons be like
" omg he hacks yall /wdr him im cry leaving pls stop ill give free vip "
gamerboy80 is the sweatiest tryhard in the game, he's like what on lvl 800 now?

is he fat?
ssup guurrrl wana play sum bedwars, yAAS GURRL SURE..
in the bedwars game
holy shit they hack i got pushed off reach ac die *ragequits*
by LilThotPot May 29, 2018
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A Minigame mostly known on the Minecraft Network Hypixel, where the goal is to destroy other teams beds and killing the other teams, while trying to maintain your own bed.
friend: Hey, wanna play some Bedwars?
me: Sure!
by Infinitythereal April 15, 2021
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Bedwars is a strategic game mostly played on Minecraft servers such as Hypixel. In the game, each team has its own island and there is a bed on the island. The players have to try to defend it from destruction by blocks that they can buy in the item shop. If the bed is destroyed, the players in the team can not respawn. In the player's own islands, there is a 'hole-in-the-wall', four-by-four block place called a forge. The forge can give the players gold and iron, which can be spent in the item shop. There are also diamond islands and an emerald island that is frequently called 'spawn' or 'mid'. The players can collect diamonds or emeralds at these islands. Emeralds allow the player to upgrade their own items while diamonds allow the player to upgrade stuff for their team, especially their forge. The objective of this game is to ultimately survive. Bedwars can be played with different amounts of people and teams (please check with your server).
Bedwars is the best minigame in Minecraft!

SYSTEM: Green bed has been destroyed.
GREEN PLAYER 1: How in the world do you defend the bed!?
GREEN PLAYER 2: I wasn't on the island! I was at diamonds and PLAYER 3 was at mid with you!
GREEN PLAYER 3: I heard him e-pearl but when I got there the bed was already destroyed.
GREEN PLAYER 1: Are you all noobs?
SYSTEM: Yellow bed has been destroyed.
GREEN PLAYER 1: Serves them right MWAHAHAHAHA!
GREEN PLAYER 3: You destroyed their bed! :) yay
by DallytheDuck January 2, 2020
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Bedwars is a game on Minecraft on the Hypixel server. The same game can also be found on other servers, but with lower quality and much more frustratingly slow mechanics, which makes Hypixel the better server with Bedwars. Bedwars is a strategic game that involves defending your bed, (the source that allows you to respawn) and if you lose it, you will no longer be able to respawn. A full team consists of 1, 2, 3, or 4 players depending on the mode and you must defend your bed all the while destroying the other teams beds. The last team remaining wins the game.

This definition was made by a Hypixel Bedwars player that was angry over the top definition of Bedwars being inaccurate, dumb, and generally idiotic.
Let's go play some Bedwars!
by Deqdlyy April 22, 2020
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