Usually a female who is undeniably a bitch from anyone's perspectives
*Zara walks by group of boys*
Boy1: Dude, Zara is a straight bitch
Boy2: You can say that again
by Applekid123 December 17, 2016
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Of a female-form who inflicts wound with her sight and facial expressions, normally on a skirt. It's involved in yoga activities and it's an alpha-female, usually chooses which bar to visit and doesn't allow her other females to choose. She can potentially end up cock-blocking her friends if nobody is talking to her.

She thinks she's tough until her victims fights back.
Let's go talk to the girl next to the evil-looking female with straight bitch-face leaning on the rails of the terrace! No Noah, she is friends of that bitch..
by kingpablo December 24, 2017
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